Terracotta Bread Pots
"prove and bake in one bowl" 

 Hand thrown using grogged terracotta earthenware clay and fired to a rich toasted terracotta, each bread pot is slightly different .  The handles, as well as being part of the design, are a practical way of holding the pot to remove the bread and they look great hanging up in your kitchen.

My pots are good for all types of bread and especially for sourdough, as you can prove and bake the loaf in the pot, retaining the texture and lightness of your dough.  If you want the spiral pattern on the top, turn the bread out of the pot and give a few extra minutes in the oven for the crust to colour.

Unlike conventional bread tins, once the pot is fully 'conditioned', my testers have assured me there are no sticking problems! 

To condition the pot - rub the inside and the top rim of the pot with any cooking oil and put in the oven for 20 minutes - repeat this 4-5 times.  The temperature of the oven is not important - just put it in when you are cooking something else.