Fun, friendly and relaxed pottery sessions in my workshop for all ages. Great for families and groups.

A taster ‘Make a Mug’ session lasts approx. 2 hours. We will be using terracotta earthenware clay and I’ll do a quick demonstration of the techniques to hand build a mug. You will then make your own and personalise it - could be with a drawing of Godzilla, a heart, leaf impressions or just your name! After this comes the choosing of the glaze you’d like me to apply. Once the mug is dried, fired and glazed I’ll send it (or if you are local you can collect). Postage is about £2.50/mug. The session costs £35 per person.

For larger groups, up to 10 people, or special occasions such as birthdays and family get-togethers, contact me for more information. I’ve also had a few people book sessions to capture their babies/ young children’s foot/hand prints in clay.